No, you aren't seeing double. The image is a bug with gnome-panel and code forked from it.

There was a change made in newer versions of Gnome 2 that appears to have broken multiple X DISPLAYs.

There are two ways to use multiple monitors-

1. Combine them all into one giant seamless monitor using Xinerama. The virtual monitor you create is described as DISPLAY=:0.0 which is the same as if you had a single monitor. This is easy to use except when you want specific tasks to be assigned to specific monitors. With this option (depending on the application / window manager) hitting full screen on a window may cause it to span across all the monitors which isn't always desirable.

2. Keep each monitor separate. The first monitor is DISPLAY=:0.0, the second DISPLAY=:0.1, and so on. This option is often required if you are using multiple video cards. It also makes sense if you want to launch an xterm or other application from your first monitor and have it appear on your second. (xterm -display :0.1 in this example.)

In the example picture above, I have menu duplication on the monitor with DISPLAY=:0.0 and no mate-panel menu at all on DISPLAY=:0.1

You can click on the pictures to see the entire desktop.

It should be one menu per DISPLAY please, not all stacked on the first DISPLAY.

Mate forked off of Gnome and inherited the bug.

Here's the patch:

Here's a script showing how I installed the patch on Fedora 20:

Here's a script showing how I installed the patch on Fedora 22: (The bug still exists of of mate-panel 1.10.0-2)

Here is the pull request where I have submitted the patch for integration into future mate-panels:

Here's an xorg.conf for 16 DISPLAYs (aka Screens):

I used the Xorg above with two monitors attached when demonstrating the bug.

Here's the picture after the patch has been applied: mate-panel-after.png

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