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From the readme.html:

(P)erl (U)nified (M)onitoring and (PE)rformance (D)aemon
(U)se (P)erilously

Hello and Welcome to PumpedUp version 3.0!

PumpedUp is a group of programs written in Perl that are used to collect system performance data 
on a second by second basis and create web pages with graphics based on that data.

It can graph them in Real Time and you can see them in your browser using Javascript like this:

PumpedUp Live Java Graphs

Click the picture above to see real time data for https://www.olmosconsulting.com

(If you are running Internet Explorer and no data appears in the graphs, press F12, select the Cache drop down, then select "Always Refresh from Server".) It can create static graphs with down to the second resolution like this:

PumpedUp Static Graphs

PumpedUp graphs for this host for the previous hour.
PumpedUp Features: Who should use PumpedUp and why?

This software is for anyone who cares about Linux, Solaris, or Windows performance and needs to monitor that performance on a recurring basis with higher resolution.

What problem does PumpedUp solve?

PumpedUp was written for Systems Administrators to monitor the performance of stock option trading servers during market hours. The graphs allow you to look at specific time periods in great detail, or the whole day at a glance. It can be used to contact a Nagios server if your cpus are maxed so you can get alarmed in real time.

PumpedUp answers the questions: What was my performance like today? Where are my bottlenecks?

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